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The Practical Nursing program is designed to prepare the student to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. The program consists of both classroom instruction and supervised clinical activities in accredited hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care agencies.

Since man is a biological, psychological, and spiritual being who is evolving across the life span, it is essential that nursing needs be met by caring, supportive persons who recognize the many facets and who respect individuality. The program content has been developed utilizing the Administrative Rules for the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners (LSBPNE). The nursing program incorporates the concepts of holistic nursing, hierarchy of needs, stress and adaptation, creative problem-solving, and psychosocial development.

Students who are unable to complete the Practical Nursing Program may be awarded a Certificate in Nursing Assistant if they satisfactorily complete and can demonstrate the competencies of OBRA skills, as determined by the instructor, and complete a minimum of 40 hours of clinical activities.

Upon graduation, the student is awarded a diploma and is eligible to take the National Council of State Boards Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Practical Nurses.

Students should note that some courses have prerequisites, which must be successfully completed before enrolling into upper level courses. All course work must be completed with at least 80% or above for program progression and completion.

Program Information:
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CIP Code: 513901
Program Type: Diploma
Program Length: 59 Semester Credit Hours

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