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What's Happening at SOWELA

SOWELA Achieves Highest Student Retention Rate Among All Community Colleges in Louisiana

SOWELA’s retention rate from Fall 2020 to Spring 2021 leads at 83.71% (Lake Charles) February 25, 2021 – Despite the challenges from COVID-19 and damage from two disastrous hurricanes, SOWELA... Read More

Four SOWELA Students Overcome COVID and Hurricanes to Complete National Center for Construction Education & Research Pipefitter Training

SOWELA’s Office of Workforce Solutions provided the training with funding by Venture Global LNG February 23, 2021 (Lake Charles) – Despite their pipefitter training being delayed not once, not twice,... Read More

SOWELA Technical Community College Receives Technology Program Scholarship Support from Northrop Grumman

Donation will Fund Scholarships for Five of SOWELA’s Technology Programs From left to right: Northrop Grumman Site Manager and SOWELA Foundation Board Member Michael Flatt, SOWELA Chancellor Dr. Neil Aspinwall,... Read More

SOWELA Announces “Second Start” Initiative for New and Current Students

Deadline to take advantage of Second Start is Monday, March 15, 2021 (Lake Charles) – February 10, 2021 SOWELA has announced a new “Second Start” initiative for currently enrolled and... Read More

Alum Kat Stevens at Presidential Press Event

Alum Kat Stevens at Presidential Press Event

[President Donald Trump]
I would also like to invite Kat Stevens, who re-trained and found a job here when she needed it most.

And she got a tremendous story to tell. I want to thank you Kat and also, Kat, where’s Kat? Kat? Where’s Kat?

Thank you.

[Kat Stevens]
Thank you. Nice to meet you.

Hello everyone. My story is more of a journey than a story. It started in 2014 when my husband lost his oil field job. He was a drilling supervisor of 13 years. And ours like Ronald was immediate.

We have seven children from college to elementary school. No income, no insurance It was a lot. I went to the job fair and met several people from Cameron LNG and decided at that point I needed to come back to college. So, I went to SOWELA Community College here in Lake Charles.


And with the support of my family, my parents especially and my husband, graduated ahead of time. Got to do my internship out here and just absolutely fell in love with everybody out here. The culture, the people, everything they stand for. And as soon as I graduated, Mr. Dan Callens hired me and I’ve been here ever since and it’s just fabulous.

And everything they stand for they do truly stand for safety above all because they realize that I have a family to go home to. Everyone out here has a family to go home to. We’re all children of someone and that means a lot to me, it really does.

And Mr. Trump and Sempra thank you so much for everything you’ve done. And thank you for your energy independence. It’s gonna be great for my family. Thank you very much

(audience clap and cheer)

The SOWELA Experience

Virtual Campus Tour

Virtual Campus Tour Video

Virtual Campus Tour

Our campus has changed dramatically over the past five years by adding five new buildings. Our coursework is accredited by SACSCOC, enabling easy transfer to a 4-year program.

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Meet Christopher

Meet Christopher Video

Meet Christopher

SOWELA Welding Student

“I never thought I’d love welding, but I do. What I love about SOWELA class is the instructors. The skills I obtain at SOWELA can take me all over the country.”

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Meet Kortney

Meet Kortney Video

Meet Kortney

SOWELA Culinary Arts Student

“I chose SOWELA because I heard it was such a great program. Everything they offer is so hands on, which I enjoy so much. Also, the positive attitude and everyone being so supportive.”

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