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Disability-related information is treated as medical documentation, which is kept confidential, and is not released to anyone outside the accommodation process or direct chain of command with the following exceptions:

  • When the student gives Student Support Services written consent to share disability-related information with the person(s) named on the release;
  • When Student Support Services is required and/or permitted by the law and/or court order to release information;
  • When the student is a direct threat to him/herself or others; and/or
  • When the student makes a disability-related allegation, claim, grievance, appeal, or disclosure to the College’s attorneys for legal advice to or representation of the College.

Note: Students with disabilities have a right to review their files. This can be arranged by scheduling an appointment with the Director of Student Support Services (SSS). SSS does not provide copies of documentation. This information should be obtained from the originator of the documentation. SSS will retain a copy of all information within a student’s file for five (5) years. Once the student is considered inactive for five years, the file may be destroyed. When a student with a disability requests accommodations, he/she should understand that some disability-related information may be provided on a need to know basis to College personnel in order to ensure that the student will receive appropriate accommodations. In most instances, College personnel need to know only what accommodations must be provided to a student and that the student has been through the disability documentation review process in SSS. Otherwise, College personnel do not have access to information regarding a student’s disability.


SOWELA Technical Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies:

ADA Officer: Ms. Christine Collins
3850 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave.
Lake Charles, LA 70615

(337) 421-6969
(800) 256-0483

EEO/Title IX Officer: Dr. Fitzpatrick U. Anyanwu
3820 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave.
Lake Charles, LA 70615

(337) 421-6905
(800) 256-0483

To learn more about the College’s ADA policy and how to access ADA services, see the Disability Services page. Students are encouraged to visit the Student Success Center in the Magnolia Building or call (337) 421-6576.