Applying for Accommodations

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Accommodations are provided not only on a case-by-case basis but also on a class-by-class basis. In other words, an accommodation that is reasonable in one class might not be reasonable in another. No accommodation will be provided if it compromises or alters essential elements or evaluation standards of a course.

Accommodations and services are considered to be classroom supplements. They are not intended to replace regular classroom participation or attendance. Additionally, accommodations are not a guarantee of a certain grade or of success in a particular class; rather they are for the purpose of providing equal access to an education for students with disabilities. Students with disabilities are expected to fulfill all academic and course requirements and evaluation standards, as expected of all students.

Obtaining Accommodations
Students with disabilities who require accommodations must seek assistance from the Office of Student Support Services in a timely manner. No accommodations will be established for any student by the Office of Student Support Services until that student has been accepted into the College. All students seeking accommodations should follow the following guidelines for accommodations:

  1. The student should contact the Office of Student Support Services and set up an appointment.
  2. He/she should mail, fax, or bring in their most current documentation of their disability.
  3. Assessment of need will be completed at the appointment. Interaction between the disability and the academic environment will be discussed to identify reasonable accommodations.
  4. Upon verification of disability, reasonable accommodations and other appropriate services will be established and reviewed with the student.

Use of Accommodations
In order for a student to use their approved accommodations, they must submit a Semester Accommodations Request Form (PDF) each semester to the Office of Student Support Services; ideally, these forms will be submitted at least one week prior to the start of the semester.

After the Semester Accommodations Request Form has been submitted, the Office of Student Support Services will prepare accommodations letters for students to deliver to their instructor(s). These letters will notify the instructor(s) of accommodations they are to be provided to the student. Students will need to meet with each instructor to review their accommodations and to discuss how they will be implemented in each class.


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