Disability Services

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Disability Services at SOWELA

The Office of Student Services serves as an advocate for students with documented disabilities to ensure equal access to the College. Various support services have been established to assist students according to their documented needs. Every effort is made to help students make a smooth transition to college and to succeed throughout their college experience. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Services prior to the beginning of each semester.

Applying for Accommodations

If you are a new student seeking services or accommodations, we look forward to assisting you. Our office serves as a resource and an advocate for students with disabilities to ensure an equal access learning environment.

Students interested in applying for accommodations should complete the three steps listed below:

  1. Review, Complete, and Submit the Intake Assessment Form below.
  2. Obtain Appropriate and Relevant Documentation of Disability
    • Review the Learning Disability Documentation Guidelines (PDF)
    • Note that an IEP and/or 504 Plan may not be sufficient documentation to establish eligibility, but may be included.
    • Documentation that is not current but otherwise meets college guidelines may be eligible for provisional/temporary accommodations while student seeks re-evaluation.
  3. Schedule an Intake Appointment with a Disability Services Staff Member
    • Students taking online classes and/or attending classes at one of our instructional sites can schedule an appointment via phone or email to discuss necessary accommodations.

Forms and Resources

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Contact Information

Office of Student Services
Email: ods@sowela.edu

Counseling Services
Email: counseling@sowela.edu