Suggestions Box

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The SOWELA Suggestion Box is a way to communicate your ideas to individuals who will share the information with Administrators. Thoughts, ideas, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. This suggestion box is open to all with the sole purpose of improving the quality of the SOWELA experience and of building a sense of community among support staff, faculty, administrators, students, and the community that we serve.

The Suggestion Box should not be used to file complaints as there are official complaint forms that should be used for this purpose.

Please use this form to submit your suggestions and ideas.
Suggestions that fall into the following areas will be taken into consideration:

  • Improve communication between members of the SOWELA community and the Administration
  • Improve working conditions
  • Improve procedures, productivity, or efficiency
  • Reduce cost, energy savings
  • Improve service and effectiveness
  • Improve relations with our local community.