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Welcome to SOWELA!

What makes SOWELA the perfect choice, aside from convenience and affordability? Most of our existing students will tell you it’s the hands-on learning you will receive from instructors who know what they’re talking about.

Many of the SOWELA instructors bring a wealth of industry experience to the classroom. They know what you will need to be successful when you leave here and can show you how that knowledge can be applied.

Many of the employers in the area choose to hire SOWELA graduates because they know how well-trained and job-ready our students are.

If you want to learn the skills needed for the high-paying jobs in industry, SOWELA should be your first choice.

If you’re undecided about your future or want to be better prepared before going to McNeese or some other four-year institution, SOWELA can help you excel with a wide variety of general education studies.

Either way, you belong at SOWELA!

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