Student Concerns, Complaints, or Grievances

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SOWELA is asking you to provide information which includes private and/or confidential information under state and federal law. With some exceptions, unless you consent to further release of private information, access to this information will be limited to school officials, including faculty who have legitimate educational interest in the information. Under certain circumstances, federal and state laws authorize release of private information without your consent.

  • Concern – A concern is something that relates to, is of importance to, or affects a student. This is an informal method of communicating something to SOWELA that you want someone to know about, but do not necessarily want someone to follow up with you. No meeting will be scheduled, but we may follow up with you.
  • Complaint – A complaint is initially an oral claim alleging improper, unfair or discriminatory treatment. SOWELA may ask the student to submit the complaint and its details in writing for purposes of follow-up and with those involved. This includes contacting you and conducting an investigation. A staff member will reach out to you and those involved.
  • Grievance – A grievance is a written claim raised by a student, alleging improper, unfair or discriminatory action by an employee involving the application of a specific provision of a College rule/regulation.

Please complete the Student Concern Form (opens new window) to be submitted to the appropriate office.

SOWELA encourages students to make every effort to resolve concerns directly and informally with faculty, staff and student(s).

For academic concerns, review the Academic Appeal procedure. Do not use this form to dispute a grade. Submit the grade appeal form by email to

If you have any questions, contact Maegan Lewis at