Student Success Mentor Program

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The overall intent of the Student Success Mentor program is that the mentor facilitate to the student a greater understanding of how to succeed in college and beyond. The program focuses on introducing students to college resources while supporting them as they progress during their first year at SOWELA.

Student Success Mentors …

  1. Establish a relationship with selected mentees
  2. Provide ongoing advice and counsel throughout the first year (fall semester to fall semester)
  3. Encourage achievement of student success milestones
  4. Provide mentees with access to resources to help negotiate challenges
  5. Completion of fall semester
  6. Completion of a certificate
  7. Document contact with the mentee at least twice a month
  8. Maintain up-to-date contact information
  9. Host one or more group activities each semester


Please complete the appropriate form if you are interested in the Student Success Mentor Program.

For more information on the Student Success Mentor program, contact the Office of Academic Advising and Student Success by calling (337) 421-6967.