Internship Procedures for Students

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Internship opportunities are highly encouraged at SOWELA. Current SOWELA students interested in earning academic credit for an internship are to follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Contact your academic advisor, Program Coordinator, School Dean, or SOWELA Internship Coordinator about internship opportunities. The appropriate person will walk interested students through the internship process and let them know about internship opportunities. Students can only use their current employer as an internship site with appropriate approval from the academic School. Students can suggest internship sites, but the Internship Supervisor (Instructor) must approve the internship site.
  2. Visit with the Internship Supervisor (Instructor) about the requirements and paperwork necessary to receive academic credit for the internship. Students are to have a firm understanding of the internship requirements before they begin logging hours at an internship site. Students are not to start the internship until the Internship Supervisor has given them permission to begin. The Internship Supervisor must have a completed Internship Site Application before the internship begins. The Internship Supervisor can obtain the Internship Site Application directly from the SOWELA Internship Coordinator.
  3. Once the internship site has been approved and the Internship Supervisor (Instructor) has been assigned, students are to spend a minimum of 135 hours on the job. Three college credit hours are equivalent to 135 hours on the job. In some cases students might be able to earn more than 3 hours of internship credit with appropriate approvals.
  4. Students are to complete all of the requirements of the internship. This includes completing the following paperwork by the deadline given by the Internship Supervisor: Time Log, Supervisor’s Rating, Instructor Site Visit, Sample Work, and Student Commentary. Grades are assigned based on the Internship Supervisor’s evaluation of all of the internship requirements. The Internship Supervisor will use the Grading Rubric for Internships to assign the final grade. Paperwork can be obtained on the internship website, from the Internship Supervisor, or from the SOWELA Internship Coordinator.

Questions can be directed to Dr. David Shankle – Internship Coordinator – via email or by calling 337-421-6590. Visit the internship website to learn more.