Procedures for Internship Supervisors

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Internship Supervisors are the faculty members who oversee student internships in their respective Schools. Students pursuing an internship will do one of the following:

  1. Request placement in an already existing internship within their School, or
  2. Request a new internship site at their current work location or location that interests them.

Upon receiving the request, the Internship Supervisor is required to:

  1. Attend any mandatory Internship Training provided by the SOWELA Internship Coordinator. If training is not attended, the Internship Supervisor is to make other arrangements with the SOWELA Internship Coordinator: David Shankle, 337-421-6590.
  2. Approve the internship using the Internship Site Application. Once the Internship Site Application is approved by the Internship Supervisor, it is to be submitted to the SOWELA Internship Coordinator. The Internship Supervisor is to ensure that the proposed internship site meets necessary academic rigor and is applicable to the student’s field of study. This will likely include contacting the employer to ensure that the goals of the internship are clear and relevant.
  3. Go over all the requirements for earning internship credit with the student. All paperwork and rubrics are to be shared and discussed before the student begins the internship. Paperwork can be found on the internship website or requested directly from the SOWELA Internship Coordinator.
  4. Complete and submit the Intern Roster. The Internship Supervisor is to complete and submit the Intern Roster by the 4th week of the academic semester via email to David Shankle. The Intern Roster can be found on the internship website.
  5. Conduct an internship site visit with the student and complete the Internship Site Visit Form. The Internship Site Visit Form is to be submitted to the SOWELA Internship Coordinator at the end of the semester.
  6. Periodically communicate with the student about how the internship is going. Internship Supervisors are to keep open and frequent communication a priority during the internship. It is highly recommended that the Internship Supervisor encourage the student intern to turn in a weekly schedule either in person or via email.
  7. Grade the required paperwork from the intern at the end of the semester. Internship Supervisors are to assign a grade to the intern based on the Grading Rubric for Internship. A copy of the rubric is to be submitted to the SOWELA Internship Coordinator at the end of the semester.

Questions can be directed to Dr. David Shankle – Internship Coordinator – via email or by calling 337-421-6590. Visit the internship website to learn more.