Procedures for Employers(Credit)

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Internship opportunities are highly encouraged at SOWELA. Employers wishing to acquire a current SOWELA student for an internship are to follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the Internship Coordinator at SOWELA. Dr. David Shankle currently serves as the Internship Coordinator. He can be reached at 337-421-6590 or via email (
  2. Fill out the appropriate paperwork. The SOWELA Internship Coordinator or Internship Supervisor (SOWELA faculty member) will help employers fill out the Internship Site Application. In some instances the student might initiate the Internship Site Application (DOCX). The SOWELA Internship Coordinator or the Internship Supervisor (SOWELA faculty member) will follow-up with the employer to ensure that the goals of the internship are clear.
  3. Student placement. Employers will receive internship inquiries from the Internship Coordinator or faculty within the School in which the internship is related. Employers may wish to interview students. Once students are placed in an internship, it is the student’s responsibility to inform the employer of the internship requirements for SOWELA. Any questions regarding internship requirements can be directed to the Internship Coordinator. Please note that due to the structure of academic semesters, internships typically occur from September-December, January-May, and June-August.
  4. Fulfilling internship requirements. Interns are to work a minimum of 135 hours to earn 3 credit hours from SOWELA. The only additional requirements from the employer are to sign the intern’s time log and to conduct a performance review with the intern at the end of the internship. It is the intern’s responsibility to submit the time log and performance review to Internship Supervisor (SOWELA faculty member).

Visit the internship website to learn more.