Career Planning & Placement

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The Office of Career Planning and Placement’s mission is to educate and support individuals in the process of career self-reliance in life planning.

SOWELA’s Career Services Office offers innovative and informative job placement services to our students. One of those services is our online job bank ( (opens new window)).

  • To access the job bank, you must enter your student ID as your username and then click “forgot password.”
  • Services are available to students, alumni, and employers.
  • Approved employers may post jobs and search resumes.
  • All services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • After you register to the site, it is very important that you CHECK YOUR EMAIL daily for alerts and announcements from the Career Planning & Placement Coordinator regarding job openings, career fairs, workshops, etc.

Other great career services offered to SOWELA students:

The Career Planning & Placement office is located in the Magnolia Building in the Student Success Center.

Helpful Links:

  • College Grad (opens new window) is a job listing site that caters specifically to employers looking to hire new college graduates. This provides graduates an easy way to find their first career opportunity in their field of study without extensive experience.
  • Hloom (opens new window) is a free guide to writing a professional resume. It also provides free Microsoft Word templates and sample resumes, at the bottom of the page, that can be easily downloaded and personalized for any specific job opportunity.
  • Hloom Internship Resume (opens new window) – There is also an internship-specific resume section of the website that is great for students searching for a summer internship.
  • (opens new window) provides detailed insight into some of today’s most popular career fields.
  • Internships– Student and Employer internship information
  • Career Guide for Students with Disabilities (opens new window)
  • Louisiana Job Connection (opens new window) is a part of the Louisiana Economic Development
  • Salary Data (opens new window)
  • Internships in Lake Charles, Louisiana (opens new window)
  • Entry level jobs in Lake Charles, Louisiana (opens new window)
  • All jobs in Lake Charles, Louisiana (opens new window)

    Contact information:

    Joseph W. Lavergne
    Director of Recruitment and
    Career Planning and Placement
    (337) 421-6951

    SOWELA does not guarantee job placement, however, the office staff will do their very best to assist students with job placement needs!