Academic Advising

Academic Advising services are provided by Professional Advisors (PAs) and Faculty Advisors (FAs). The primary purpose of academic advising is to provide effective guidance so that students can maximize their educational opportunities available at SOWELA. Specifically:

  • The PA guides the student through the chosen program of study and helps the student plan the class schedule for the upcoming semester.
  • The PA along with FA will assist the student in making critical decisions regarding education, career, and life goals.
  • PAs will provide assistance to students needing an academic plan to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
  • FAs are assigned during the process of orientation and will provide assistance to students once the first semester is complete.

Responsibilities of a Professional Advisor:
Professional Advisors have student success and program completion as their top priority. Toward that end, advising is critical in providing guidance to First Year students learning to plan and navigate college life. They are trained to advise across all program areas and to assist students with choosing the path of study that is right for them.

Responsibilities of a Faculty Advisor:
Faculty Advisors provide program specific guidance. Advising is a shared responsibility between Professional and Faculty Advisors building on the strengths of each other. Faculty Advisors are assigned during the orientation process and are also listed as part of the student’s LoLA record.

Please prepare for your advising appointment by completing these steps, which will help both you and your advisor:


Contact Information:

Phone: (337) 421-6577

Faculty Advisor Contact Information