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SOWELA Professor Wins 2020 Doctoral Dissertation Award

Assistant Professor Dr. Marie Coleman Takes Home Top Honor From the Association for Business and Teaching Research


Marie Coleman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in SOWELA’s School of Business & Applied Technology, was recently honored with the Business and Teaching Research Association Doctoral Dissertation Award. The award was presented at the recent National Business Education Association’s virtual conference.

“Dr. Coleman’s recognition emphasizes her continual growth as a learner and an educator. She sets the highest standards for herself, her courses, and her students, and we are thankful that she was recognized for her outstanding research. We are so proud of Dr. Coleman, and grateful for her service at SOWELA,” said Dr. David Shankle, Dean of the School of Business and Applied Technology.

The Doctoral Dissertation Award is for doctoral dissertations and seminal studies related to business education. Dr. Coleman’s dissertation research explored whether or not a correlation exists among high school counselors’ specific demographics, their educational experiences (i.e., professional development, training, and other coursework) and the advising of high school students. The study focused on the factors public high school counselors consider when advising college-bound students to enroll in career and technical education (CTE), the factors public high school counselors consider advising career-bound students to enroll in CTE, and the counselors’ perceptions of CTE.

About the Association for Business Teaching and Research

The Association for Business Teaching and Research (ABTR) serves primarily, but not exclusively, educators working at colleges and universities in business teacher education programs. ABTR is committed to excellence in research and teaching of business. The division resulted after a merger of the Association for Research in Business Education (ARBE) and National Association of Business Teacher Educators (NABTE).

About SOWELA Technical Community College

SOWELA Technical Community College provides traditional, distance, and lifelong learning experiences and awards associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates. The College empowers learners in career and technical education and enables transfer students to pursue a four-year degree so all learners excel as globally competitive citizens. The College has been educating the region’s workforce for 80 years and has locations in Jennings, Lake Charles and Oakdale, LA. For more information, visit www.sowela.edu.