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SOWELA Culinary Arts Hosts Landry Vineyards for Food and Wine Pairing Demonstration


SOWELA’s Culinary Arts Department will host Landry Vineyards at the College on Tuesday, October 9, 2018, at 9 a.m. for a food and wine pairing demonstration.

“At SOWELA, student learning includes hands-on training. This demonstration will teach students how to pair food dishes with wine. In conjunction with local wine growers and distributors, it ensures that our students are better prepared and more employable for their chosen career,” said SOWELA Culinary Arts Program Coordinator Chef Jerry Sonnier.

In the restaurant industry, sommeliers often make food pairing recommendations for guests. However, employing sommeliers can be expensive for restaurants, so the responsibility falls to the trained Chef and staff to make food pairing recommendations for the guest.

“During the demonstration, we will talk about the process of growing grapes and handcrafting the wine, as well as pairing the wine with food with the philosophy that wine is an ingredient of the meal,” said Dan Nash, Landry Vineyards Marketing Manager.

About Landry Vineyards

Landry Vineyards is a family-owned and operated Vineyard and Winery in West Monroe Louisiana. Landry Vineyards began in 1999 in Folsom Louisiana. Following Hurricane Katrina they relocated to the beautiful rolling hills of West Monroe. Jeff Landry is both the Vintner and Viticulturist. Landry Vineyards grows five varieties of grapes and makes 23 varieties of wine. In 2017, the vineyard harvested more than 60 tons of grapes. Blanc Du Bois, a French American Hybrid is the primary grape grown at the vineyard. Landry handcrafts three distinct wines from Blanc Du Bois, a dry, a semisweet, and a Frizzante style wine. Landry Vineyards is proud to have the second generation working in various capacities at the vineyard. The winery produces both traditional and cultural wines. Varieties are handcrafted from Cabernet Sauvignon to Muscadine. Landry Vineyards wines are available at nearly 600 retail and restaurants locations throughout Louisiana.


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