Outdoor Power Equipment Technology

Program Description

The purpose of this program is to provide specialized classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience to prepare individuals to maintain and repair outdoor power equipment such as outboard motors, lawnmowers, chainsaws, motorcycles, rotary tillers, all-terrain vehicles, portable electric generators, compact diesel engines, and small garden tractors, as well as the use of technical manuals.

Degree Options

Course NumberCourse TitleLectureLabTotal Credit Hours
OPET 1111Introduction, Safety and Hand Tools112
OPET 1121Basic Tools & Repair Techniques112
OPET 1131Shop Management123
OPET 1141Engine Principles134
OPET 1151Fuel Systems123
CTC - OPET Technician I14
OPET 1161Engine Lubrication & Cooling Systems112
OPET 1221Basic Electricity123
OPET 1231Charging Systems123
OPET 1241Ignition Systems123
OPET 1251Starting Systems112
OPET 1261Drive Train123
CTS - OPET Technician II30
OPET 1311Hydraulics & Brakes123
OPET 1321Generators112
OPET 1331Frames, Suspension, and Decks123
OPET 1341Systems Troubleshooting224
OPET 2111Outboard Engine Overhaul112
OPET 2121Motorcycle Engine Overhaul112
OPET 2131Lawn & Garden Engine Overhaul112
OPET 2141All-Terrain Vehicle Overhaul112
OPET 2151Lawn & Garden Diesel Engine Overhaul112
OPET 2161Personal Watercraft Engine Overhaul112
TD - Outdoor Power Equipment Technician54
Total Clock Hours1290

Program Information

CIP Code: 470606

Program Type: Diploma

Program Length: 54 Semester Credit Hours

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Program Learning Outcomes

Contact Information

Deborah Coles - Administrative Assistant


(337) 421-6992