Electrical Construction

Program Description

The General Apprenticeship with a concentration in Electrical Construction is a 50 credit hour program for apprentices of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) that prepares them with the required classroom theory added to their in-the-field work experience to attain the level of journeyman in the electrical field. The essential purpose of this program is to meet the changing needs of this labor group and to provide the highest level of education possible for employees of the region in electrical work. The goal of this program is to provide specialized skilled-trades courses in an effort to provide students with the skills necessary, based on industry standards, to become electrical journeymen. The curriculum places emphasis on the development of a common set of trade skills.

Degree Options

Electrical Construction-460301-Diploma Certificate Option
Course No.Course TitleLectureLabTotal Credit Hrs
GAEC 1100Introduction to Electrician Apprenticeship303
GAEC 1110Job Safety & Health202
TCA - Trade Helper Electrical Construction (5)5
GAEC 1120Apprentice Trade Related Mathematics202
GAEC 1130Apprentice Trade Technology Part I303
TCA - General Apprentice: Electrical Construction Technician (10)5
GAEC 1200Apprentice Trade Related Science202
GAEC 1210Apprentice Trade Technology Part II303
GAEC 1220Customer Service in the Trade Area202
GAEC 1230Apprentice Trade Technology Part III303
GAEC 1300Apprentice Trade Technology Part IV505
CTS - General Apprentice: Electrical Construction (25)15
GAEC 2100Apprentice Trade Technology Part V505
GAEC 2200Apprentice Trade Technology Part VI505
GAEC 2210Apprentice Trade Technology Part VII505
GAEC 2300Apprentice Trade Technology Part VIII505
GAEC 2310Apprentice Trade Technology Part IX505
TD - General Apprentice: Electrical Construction (50)25
Total Clock Hours750

Program Information

CIP Code: 460301

Program Type: Diploma

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Deborah Coles - Administrative Assistant


(337) 421-6992