Academic Suspension

If a student has attempted at least 24 hours and is unable to maintain satisfactory academic progress while on academic probation, the student is then suspended for the upcoming semester. During this suspension term, the student may not enroll in any programs at SOWELA. No credit will be given for courses taken at other institutions while a student is under suspension from SOWELA.

Students reentering school after academic suspension will reenter on academic probation. Students not maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress after one semester of academic probation will not be allowed to enroll in any program for one calendar year from the date of the second suspension.

Students on academic suspension may also appeal with the Dean of Instruction requesting a change in academic standing from Suspension to Probation. Students wishing to appeal must submit documentation of extenuating circumstances in the form of a letter or via e-mail. A committee will review the request and notify the student of the committee’s decision. Students should be cautioned that approved appeals may require specific measures be taken that will assist in raising the student's overall GPA. Students may obtain an Academic Standing Appeal form from the Office of the Dean of Instruction.

Satisfactory Academic Progress and readmission guidelines for the Practical Nursing program differ due to policies of the Nursing Department and the Louisiana State Board of Practical Nurse Examiners. State Board policies will supersede those of the school.