Guide to Registering

Log On Louisiana (LoLA) is a powerful and new online tool that will allow you to completely manage your college activities. LoLA will be your 24/7, one stop resource. You will use LoLA to do the following:

  • Monitor your financial aid application
  • Register for classes
  • Review your class schedule
  • Review current schedule of classes
  • Check on important upcoming dates
  • Catch up on campus news and announcements
  • Check grades and GPA

How to Register Online?

Note - It is recommended that students speak to an academic adviser
to ensure that the appropriate classes are being scheduled prior
to registration.

  1. Go to the SOWELA website:
  2. Click the Quick Links drop down menu and select LoLA Login.
  3. Log in to your LoLA account and go to Self Service. (Note: If you are choosing to attend two different colleges simultaneously you will have access to each college link to register for classes at the prospective college.)
  4. Click Student.
  5. Click Registration.
  6. Click Add or Drop Classes.
  7. Choose the appropriate term and click submit.
  8. Click Class Search.
  9. Search Criteria.
    • Mandatory :Subject
    • Optional: Course Number, Title, Campus, Instructor, Start/End Time, Days of the Week, etc.
  10. Click Class Search.
  11. Check the Box of the desired section.
  12. Option:
    • Click Register to add class(es) to your schedule.
    • Click Worksheet to review your classes before adding to your schedule.
  13. Click Submit Changes.

User Name: first name (+) last name (all in lowercase; no spaces)

Example: Jane Doe will be "janedoe” (May be different if multiple students have the same name.)

Initial Password: first initial (+) last initial (+) date of birth in MMDDYY (+) P@ss
Example: Jane Doe, DOB 12-01-92 will bejd120192P@ss

Password Requirements

  • The length of your password must be between 12 and 20 characters.
  • You password must contain at least one number and one letter.
  • Your password must contain both upper and lowercase letters.
  • Your password must contain at least one of the following characters: @ % * = +

Example of a good password for Jane Doe: MaggieMay01@70364

Why? No part of her name is used, length is 17 characters, uses at least one number, uses at least one letter, uses an @ sign, uses at least one capital

Problems You May Encounter

Section Restrictions
There may be restriction(s) on sections which would prevent you from registering for a section.

  • Major/Field of Study
  • Campus

Holds on College Record
If you have a hold from this college or any colleges within the LCTCS system, you may NOT be able to register.

  • To view your holds click the view hold button
    (see image).
  • If it is an administrative hold, visit Student/Enrollment Service to learn more about your hold.
  • If it is a Financial Hold, visit the Bursar/Fiscal Affairs Department to learn more about your hold.

Schedule Assessment

  1. From the Registration Page, click on the Concise Student Schedule link.
  2. Choose the appropriate term from the drop down box and click submit.
  3. Information Shown:
    • Course Number and Section
    • Course Title
    • Campus
    • Credits
    • Start and End Dates
    • Days
    • Times
    • Locations
    • Instructors

Fee Assessment

  1. From the Student Menu, click on the Student Account link.
  2. From the Student Account page, click on the Account Summary by Term link.
    • Shows all tuition and fees for a given semester

How do I pay for classes?

  • If you are paying your entire tuition by cash or check only, you may proceed to the Business Office for payment.
  • If you are paying your entire tuition by credit card, you may do so online through LOLA. (VISA will not be accepted.)
  • If you need to set up a payment plan, you may do so through LOLA. You will need either a valid checking account, credit card, or debit card to set up a payment plan.
  • If payment for courses is not received by the payment due date, you may lose your scheduled courses.

ID and Parking Tag

Students can pick up their IDs and Parking Tags at the Mechanical Hanger.



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