Crappie University Course

Crappie University Course

Join crappie pros and guides to learn how to catch the species year-round with the newest and best techniques. This course benefits anglers of all skill levels.

What is Crappie University?

Curriculum is taught over four 2-hour sessions in the evening. It is offered early in the year to ready you not just for the popular spring spawning season when crappies are plentiful, but also to provide extensive additional knowledge on how to find and catch the species throughout the year. The $89 per person enrollment fee includes course materials and samples of crappie lures and jigheads.

Course Dates and Time

All meeting times for this course are from 7 – 9 p.m. in SOWELA’s Regional Training Center Auditorium, 3749 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave., Lake Charles, LA 70615.

Lake Charles Instructors

Date Course Instructor
January 31, 2018
Louisiana’s Seasonal Crappie Patterns Steve Danna

Steve Danna started out as a diehard bass angler who fished for crappies occasionally. He and his wife have now lived on Louisiana’s Lake D’Arbonne for 20-plus years and that’s about how long he’s been seriously into crappie fishing. He figured out early in his transition to a different species that crappies follow pretty much the same patterns as bass throughout the year. He’s used that knowledge, constantly refining his techniques and equipment as things have progressed to become one of the state’s best and most respected crappie guides. He also enjoys fishing competitively along the crappie tournament trails.

February 7, 2018
Debunking Common Crappie Myths Todd Huckabee

Todd Huckabee has been living and guiding full time for years on Oklahoma’s famed crappie lake, Lake Eufaula, Todd Huckabee is one of the country’s most noted authorities on the species. His knowledge comes from spending countless days on the water throughout all seasons of the year. He’s fished many of the finest crappie waters in the country, and now also guides on Oklahoma’s Ft. Gibson Lake and Arkansas’ Lake Millwood. He’s an expert at finding and catching crappies regardless of the conditions. He’s featured frequently in national magazines and on national TV shows.

February 21, 2018
Long-lining to Catch ‘Em and Learn the Lake Brad Chappell

Brad Chappell is a crappie guide from Ridgeland, MS, who frequents the framed waters of the area in search of giant slabs, especially spending countless hours on nearby Lake Washington. He specializes in long line trolling because he likes the technique to locate and catch active fish while also surveying a lake to learn it and discover its most productive areas while doing so. He says long lining is especially effective when fish are suspended, like they often get in the hot months of summer. Chappell is an expert with electronics and can often “read” fish moods by what he’s seeing. He’s versatile in all techniques and also competes along the crappie tournament trails.

February 28, 2018
There’s Good Reason Why the Crappie is Louisiana’s State Fish John Godwin

John Godwin is a Louisiana native, born in Baton Rouge. Aside from his duck hunting, Godwin is an avid crappie angler. He partnered with Jay Stone for a Crappie Masters win in 2015 on Lake Caney, where they long-lined trolled their way to victory. He also enjoys fishing for the species a variety of different ways. With his vast experience as a lifetime outdoorsman in the Sportman’s Paradise state, the affable angler has a treasury of fishing knowledge learned in Louisiana’s waters large and small, and an abundance of funny rememberances to share.


New and unique ways to catch crappies under a variety of conditions are constantly being found and refined thanks to continual cutting-edge developments in lures, line, rods, reels and electronics. All sessions are taught by knowledgeable crappie experts and the course is packed full of fishing information relevant to the school’s geographic location.

Each instructor has a technique he relies on most for any given situation, so instruction covers a variety of methods, ranging from spider rigging, to long lining, to dock shooting, to pushing crankbaits, and more. You will leave the course with extensive crappie fishing knowledge learned from the best of the best.

Seating is limited, so enroll early to ensure participation.

This course is hosted in partnership with Crappie University, a leader in educating anglers on crappie fishing techniques through expert instruction.

For more information or questions, call (337) 421-6560.