Forest Technology

Program Description

The Forest Technology program prepares students to produce, protect, and manage woodland resources. Coursework also includes how to maintain and operate related equipment and harvest raw forest materials for converting into a variety of consumer goods.

Program requirements must be completed with an overall grade point average of 2.0 in order to receive a diploma. Students who successfully complete the Forest Technology program will be able to:

  • Conduct forest inventories, forest health surveys, and wildlife surveys.
  • Demonstrate the various methods of establishing and maintaining forest resources.
  • Track and analyze and forest measurements to make environmentally sound decisions regarding forest land.
  • Understand harvesting, reforestation, and controlled burning as critical factors for maintaining healthy forest land.

This program is offered at SOWELA's Main Campus in Lake Charles, LA.

Degree Options

Forest Technology-030511-Diploma Certificate Option
Course No.Course TitleLectureLabTotal Credit Hrs
FRTY 1111Introduction to Forest Technology303
ITEC 1000Application Basics303
FRTY 2720Wildlife Habitat Ecology and Game112
FRTY 2410Forestry Products112
FRTY 2710Prescribed Burning and Wildfire Control336
CTC – Resource Management Assistant (16)16
FRTY 2420Introduction to Global Information Systems and Global Positional Systems213
FRTY 1330Timber Harvesting224
FRTY 2520Forest Mensuration I213
CTS – Forest Harvesting and Planting Assistant (26)10
FRTY 1310Silviculture336
FRTY 2510Forest Insects and Diseases213
FRTY 2620Reforestation224
FRTY 1120Dendrology336
HORT 1000Horticulture 1 Lab033
FRTY 1210Forest Surveying235
FRTY 2610Forest Mensuration II336
TD – Forest Technology (59)33
Total Clock Hours1290

Program Information

CIP Code: 030511

Program Type: Technical Diploma

Program Length: 61 Semester Credit Hours

Program Resources

Contact Information

Deborah Coles - Administrative Assistant

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