Strategic Plan Priorities

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The College’s Strategic Plan Priorities (2013/14 – 2017/18) are as follows:

Priority #1: Deliver on our promise of the open door.
While we reconfirm our commitment to being an open access institution, we also need to design systems, processes, and policies that ensure the achievement of student goals:

  1. We will become a mission-driven, comprehensive community college with market-focused programs and services.
  2. We will emphasize “what matters most” by becoming a “students first” institution.
  3. We will create new opportunities for student engagement.


Priority #2: Lead our supply chain.
We need to claim our central role in connecting high school students and other seekers of post-secondary education with their university and workforce goals:

  1. We will become a strong and engaged partner and maintain a consistent presence in the five-parish area.
  2. We will become a collaborating partner with businesses and industry, and colleges and universities.


Priority #3: Enhance our resource development and financial stewardship.
Being more competitive in the acquisition of resources is required. Being vigilant in how we allocate those resources is an obligation to our stakeholders:

  1. We will increase the total operating revenue.
  2. We will improve how we allocate scarce resources.


Priority #4: Improve our technology and facilities infrastructure.
Our students, faculty, and staff members deserve the very best technologies available such that student learning can remain the focus of all we do:

  1. We will create an evolving physical space that enhances student engagement and learning.
  2. We will become a technology-infused institution of higher education.


Priority #5: Invest in the development of our professionals.
As a community of higher education professionals, we need to make strategic investments in our human capital so that they can and will catalyze student success:

  1. We will transform ourselves from a teaching/learning paradigm to a learning/teaching paradigm.
  2. We will lead in the development of our professionals.
  3. We will design an organizational structure that can deliver on the call for a new SOWELA.


Priority #6: Create a culture of never-ending improvement.
We must establish an environment in which the status quo is always being challenged so that we can find new and better ways to fulfill our mission and vision:

  1. We will become a forward-thinking, planning-based institution.
  2. We will seek to assess all critical institutional programs, processes and outcomes.


Priority #7: Build the brand of the new SOWELA.
Our community and our stakeholders need to be aware of our ambitions:

  1. We will define and build a brand that is authentic and relevant.
  2. We will build a comprehensive integrated marketing communications strategy that articulates and promotes the brand.
  3. We will develop a social media strategy that will promote dialogue with current and prospective customers.