Student Achievement

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SOWELA Technical Community College (SOWELA) evaluates student achievement with respect to outcomes relevant to its mission, to “… empower learners in transfer, career, and technical education to excel as globally competitive citizens.” Pursuing higher education takes courage, stamina, and a great deal of personal responsibility, and we can assure our students that we make every effort to make their journey as smooth as possible. The “SOWELA Family” is here when our current and prospective students need us.

SOWELA Technical Community College uses an array of assessment strategies to evaluate success with respect to measuring student achievement as it relates to the accomplishment of the College mission. Expected outcomes of each program area are identified and assessed to measure the extent to which a program is meeting its stated outcome goal. However, the acquisition and retention of knowledge by any student is contingent upon the student’s desire and ability to learn, and their application of appropriate study techniques and knowledge thus acquired to any course or program.

As a comprehensive technical community college serving the citizens of the five-parish area of Southwest Louisiana, SOWELA provides educational and training opportunities for those seeking higher education by offering high quality credit technical programs that will prepare students for career employment in two years or less, programs and services designed to help students transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and non-credit programs designed for continuing education, life-long learning and personal enrichment.

To solidify SOWELA’s efforts in improving its programs and services to our students and to the community, the College ensures that students are achieving success by accomplishing the educational and life goals they have set for themselves in coming to SOWELA. Therefore, the College has a stake in student success and has committed to raising the quality of our outputs and outcomes in specific performance areas.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are student-focused and pride themselves in providing the pedagogical expertise, personal assistance, and student support services needed to enable each student to achieve success in their chosen program of study. Whether a prospective student recently graduated from high school, completed high school many years ago, or is now returning to school to update their skills, to improve a current job situation, or for the purpose of life-long learning, we have the educational program that will help put these individuals on the path to both a rewarding career and the fulfilment of personal enrichment.

As a strong community partner that strives to help improve the economy of Southwest Louisiana, SOWELA provides programs and services focused on strengthening the area workforce. This has been accomplished by establishing partnerships with business and industry in the region in order to help enhance the skills of our students who form the bulk of the local workforce, and prepare them to compete more successfully in the 21st century global economy. Our students are the beneficiaries of these partnerships – partnerships that have contributed immensely to our enhancing of student achievement.

In light of the foregoing, the College has developed its mission statement in relation to its Open Door, Open Access policy. SOWELA’s mission statement states that the College “… provides traditional, distance and life-long learning experiences and awards associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates that empower learners in transfer, career, and technical education to excel as globally competitive citizens.”

As a complement of the mission statement, the College has developed vision, value, and philosophy statements that guide its commitment to student achievement and fulfills the purpose for which the institution was established and in which our potential and current students have come to expect.

Following the above commitment statements, the College developed strategic plan priorities that will assist in ensuring the continual monitoring of the accomplishment of the student achievement goals.

Institutional Goals in Relation to Student Achievement and Satisfaction

In light of the above mission, vision, values (MVV) statements, and strategic direction, the College has established the following Institutional Goals related to Student Achievement.

  • Achievement of Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) (Degree, Diploma, Certificate, General Education, and Transitional Studies)
  • Develop Program Review for Relevance and Updates
  • Enhance Successful Articulation and Transfer/Dual Enrollment
  • Enhance Student Retention and Graduation Rates
  • Increase Student Satisfaction
  • Increase Student Placement and Employer Satisfaction

As stated previously in this document, SOWELA uses an array of assessment strategies to evaluate student success and achievement as it relates to the accomplishment of the College mission. To assist in accomplishing this, expected learning outcomes are identified and established for each program. These student learning outcomes are periodically reviewed and assessed to ensure that they measure the extent to which a program is meeting its stated outcome goal and student success and achievement.

Sample Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) for Accounting Technology (PDF) and Practical Nursing (PDF)

Impact on Future Student Achievements


School of Nursing and Allied Health

Direct and Indirect Evidence of Student Achievements