Aviation Maintenance Technology

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Our Mission

The mission of the Aviation Maintenance Technology program is to provide a hands-on learning environment and practical application of aircraft maintenance training. This program is a federally regulated Aviation Training School, certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is an accredited program of the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). Once training is accomplished, the students are then authorized to test for FAA Airframe and Powerplant certification. The certification process consists of two testing segments; multiple choice testing and the oral and practical testing detailing General, Airframe and Powerplant sections administered by an FAA Designated Maintenance Examiner (DME). Upon successful completion of these tests, the graduate is awarded the Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic Certificate from the FAA. Students can also decide to test for the FAA Airframe certificate or Powerplant certificate separately, once training has been accomplished for these areas. SOWELA awards a Technical Diploma to all students who complete the aviation maintenance training (66 credit hours). Students receive an Associates of Applied Science Degree upon completion of the aviation maintenance training (66 credit hours) and general studies courses (15 credit hours) totaling 81 credit hours. We are dedicated to ensuring our students receive prior learning credit for equivalent training received in the military (competency test required) and / or transferred credits from other participating FAA Part 147 training schools (grade C or higher from FAA certified courses).

Premier Program

SOWELA ensures our programs have the latest technology. New equipment, laboratory facility expansion and updated curriculum make this a premier program. Over the years SOWELA has acquired a Boeing 727 aircraft, 7 lite aircraft, 3 helicopters, a Redbird Flight Simulator, virtual reality welding training, virtual reality paint training, PT-6 engine trainers, a CFM-56 engine and much more. The Aviation Maintenance Technology program updates the curriculum as needed to stay current with industry standards and FAA requirements. The program has a network of industry partners with whom it relies on to ensure the training is relevant, technologically modernized and prepares students for employment. Our industry partners’ advise the program while also providing internships, scholarships and equipment. This along with each instructors’ 35+ years’ experience, guarantee an unsurpassed training environment for our students. SOWELA is proud to have offered aviation maintenance training for 50 years and is one of four FAA certified Part 147 Aviation Maintenance Training Schools in Louisiana.

Students are our Priority

The Aviation Maintenance Technology program provides a safe and healthy environment for learning, encourages students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners. In addition, the program helps build relationships among the students and employers to promote enhancement of skills for continued advancement in the field.

CIP Code: 470608
Program Type: Associate of Applied Science
Program Length: 81 Semester Credits

Program Learning Outcomes

Awards Per Highest Degree/Certificate Earned
AAS Level % AAS Level Diploma Level % Diploma Level CTS Level % CTS Level TCA Level % TCA Level Grand Total % Grand Total Enrollment
2018-2019 6 13.04% 7 15.22% 11 23.91% 8 17.39% 32 69.57% 46
2017-2018 3 5.66% 9 16.98% 10 18.87% 11 20.75% 33 62.26% 53
2016-2017 3 5.17% 2 3.45% 12 20.69% 14 24.14% 31 53.45% 58