PTEC Progression FAQs

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  • What is Progression?

    Process Technology (PTEC) Progression is the process all new students, beginning spring 2018, are required to successfully complete in order to progress through the Process Technology program at SOWELA Technical Community College. This includes all campuses and students who were previously part of a dual enrollment program. The requirements to progress are in place to assist and better serve the success of students seeking employment within the field of Process Technology.

  • How can I meet the GPA requirement if this is my first semester?

    Students are chosen to progress after grades are final each semester. Grades will be pulled once finalized on behalf of students seeking to further progress in the PTEC program.

  • I was selected for Progression but then sat out for a semester. Do I need to reapply?

    No. Once you have been selected for Progression, there is no need to reapply. Selection is not revoked for skipping semesters at this time.

  • What are the reasons why a student would not be accepted for progression?
    1. Did not meet all requirements.
    2. Seating limitations.
    3. Did not apply by the deadline.
  • How many students are allowed to progress each semester?

    A set number of students will be selected each semester to progress based primarily on industry demand and in some instances, availability of resources.

  • How long will I be on the waitlist?

    We anticipate that students who meet requirements but are not selected due to available seating to be on the waitlist for approximately one semester. However, this would depend on the number of students applied and/or other student applicants on the waitlist ahead of you.

SOWELA Admissions

  • How do I know if I am fully admitted to SOWELA Technical Community College?

    If you are not sure you are fully admitted to SOWELA, please contact the One Stop department (Sycamore Student Center) for assistance with all your admission needs.

  • What is an L number and how do I find mine?

    An “L number” is your SOWELA student ID number that is assigned to your student record account in LoLA as soon as you submit an online admissions application to SOWELA. This number can be found on your student schedule in LoLA as well as on your student ID card. This is also the number you use when logging in to access RDC assignments (computer based resource modules) for your PTEC classes.

Drug screening

  • Am I required to submit to drug screening to apply for PTEC progression?

    No. Drug screening is not required to apply for progression. However, students can be selected at random or for-cause at any time during enrollment in the Process Technology program. Failure to comply and/or pass the drug screening if selected will result in removal from the program.

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) Card

  • Is a TWIC card required to apply for progression?

    While the TWIC card is not required to apply for progression, it is encouraged that all students apply for a TWIC card as soon as possible as many local area industries require TWIC cards for employment. Keep in mind that this credential will only enhance the marketability of a PTEC graduate seeking employment in the industrial field.


  • I missed the application deadline. What can I do now?

    Unfortunately, the application deadline is strict. Applications submitted after deadlines will be considered applications for the next semester. For example, if you wanted to apply for the summer semester but missed the deadline, your submission would be considered for the fall semester rather than the summer semester. Extreme circumstances can be presented to the Dean for review and consideration.


  • What grades do I need to make in order to meet requirements for PTEC progression?

    You will need to earn a minimum of a 2.0 GPA (“C” average) on all classes to be considered for progression. Keep in mind that higher GPAs will score better than lower GPAs so it is important to seek the highest grades possible.

  • How do I know which submission deadline to apply for?

    This is based on the student’s need. If Spring 2018 is the student’s first semester and the student wishes to continue or progress during the summer semester, then the student would need to apply by date identified for the summer deadline. However, if the student does not seek to continue for the summer semester then that student would need to apply by the date identified for the fall deadline to progress for the fall semester.

  • What classes do I have to complete to be eligible to apply for progression?

    All transitional course work must be completed by the end of the semester in which you are applying (this includes transitional Reading, English, and Math courses). For example, if a student will be completing all transitional courses during the spring 2018 semester and seeks to be accepted for PTEC progression for summer 2018, that student would apply during Spring 2018 before the summer 2018 deadline and would need to successfully complete all transitional coursework by the end of the spring 2018 semester.

    Keep in mind that while a student can take PTEC 1010 and PTEC 2030, these courses are not required for applying for PTEC Progression.

  • Are the requirements the same for transfer students?


  • Do I have to enroll one semester before applying if I am transferring in with all of the requirements?

    Yes. Special circumstances can be presented to the Dean for approval. Students who meet requirements and are accepted into the Fast Track program will not be required to apply for PTEC Progression.

First Semester Bennett Test

  • What is the First Semester Bennett test?

    The Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test®-second edition (BMCT®-II) is an assessment tool for measuring a candidate’s aptitude for and ability to perceive and understand the relationship of physical forces and mechanical principles in practical situations. The BMCT®-II can be used to measure aptitude and predict performance in vocational and technical training settings, and to select candidates for mechanical, technical, engineering, and similar occupations. The BMCT®-II is a web-based test administered online and may be administered to an individual or to a small group.

    • Second attempt must occur a minimum of 30 days after the most recent attempt
    • Third attempt must occur a minimum of 6 months after the second attempt
    • Payment must be made through the SOWELA business office.
    • Receipt of payment must be presented to the testing center to schedule the date/time to take your test.
    • The current cost for the test is $25
    • The BMCT®-II is an online timed (25 minutes) assessment
    • Must have an active SOWELA student account with an L number in order to take the test
  • When do I need to take the First Semester Bennett test?

    The Bennett test you will schedule and take on your own with our testing center. However, the score is required with the submission of your application for progression so the Bennett test must be taken prior to submitting your application.

  • How do I schedule and pay for the First Semester Bennett test?

    Payment should be made to the business office ($25). You will then bring your receipt to the Testing Center in the Sycamore Student Center to schedule the time and date in which you will take the First Semester Bennett test. Then simply show up for your test appointment and do your best.