Industrial Instrumentation Technology-150404

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The mission of the Industrial Instrumentation program is to prepare individuals to install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair various types of measuring and control instruments and peripherals, such as measuring, transmitting, indicating, recording, and controlling devices, final elements, PLC, DCS, optical instruments, and control areas of electronics, motor controls, and different types of measuring systems.

Accredited by ATMAE - The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering

Increase Your Employability
Students in the Industrial Instrumentation Technology program commonly major in Industrial Electrical, too. The skills gained in these programs complement each other well and help make graduates more appealing to employers. Visit the Industrial Electrical program page to learn more.

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Complete your application online. If you have questions about the program or the application, call (337) 421-6550 to speak with an Enrollment Specialist.

Graduation Requirements

  • All graduating students within the School of Industrial Technology (INDT) are required to do the following to fulfill graduation requirements:
  • All graduating students must also meet the institution’s Graduation Requirements identified here.


CIP Code: 150404
Program Type: Associate of Applied Science
Program Length: 60 Semester Credit Hours

Program Learning Outcomes

Awards Per Highest Degree/Certificate Earned
AAS Level % AAS Level Diploma Level % Diploma Level CTS Level % CTS Level TCA Level % TCA Level Grand Total % Grand Total Enrollment
2018-2019 68 19.60% 9 2.59% 46 13.26% 76 21.90% 199 57.35% 347
2017-2018 93 24.80% 12 3.20% 39 10.40% 89 23.73% 233 62.13% 375
2016-2017 106 24.71% 20 4.66% 44 10.26% 70 16.32% 240 55.94% 429

Contact Information

Richard Louviere
Program Coordinator
(337) 421-6595 ext. 4420

Pattie Duhon
Support Coordinator
(337) 421-6979