School of Industrial Technology

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Welcome to the School of Industrial Technology.  The mission of the School of Industrial Technology at SOWELA is to provide traditional, hybrid, and hands-on learning experiences leading to associate degrees, technical diplomas, and certificates that empower learners in their industrial career and technical education excelling as globally competitive citizens.

David Lafargue
Dr. David Lafargue, Dean, School of Industrial Technology

Welcome from the Dean:
I am honored to serve as the Dean for the School of Industrial Technology (INDT) at SOWELA Technical Community College. The School of INDT has a variety of industry-related programs including:

Each program is designed to help students gain the necessary skills to be successful in industry-related occupations. Faculty members engage students with hands-on assignments and cutting-edge technology to help foster an effective learning environment. From pathway opportunities such as the 16-week Process Technology Fast Track program to the intricate labs of Industrial Electrician, Instrumentation, and Chemical Laboratory sample analysis, the School of Industrial Technology prepares students for high-demand, high-wage, fulfilling careers.