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The Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer degree program is designed to facilitate transfer from community/technical colleges to related baccalaureate degree programs at state universities in Louisiana. The General Education courses will transfer as a total block rather than by individual courses.

The total credit hours required for the degree is 60 with 39 hours required in approved General Education coursework and the remaining 21 hours of electives in pre-approved, discipline-specific coursework as preparation for continued studies in a related Baccalaureate of Arts degree program. Students in the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer degree program at SOWELA may choose from four concentrations: 1) Criminal Justice, 2) General Business, 3) Humanities, or 4) Social Sciences.

Any student who is enrolled in the Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer degree program and plans to transfer to a Louisiana public university should follow a degree plan developed with the assistance of an adviser. Degree plan templates may be reviewed by clicking the following links: Criminal Justice Concentration, General Business Concentration, Humanities Concentration, and Social Science Concentration.

Whenever possible, students should use the transfer degree requirements to satisfy the specific course requirements for the baccalaureate degree and major of the university to which they wish to transfer. This information is available through the university’s website linked to the Louisiana Transfer Degree (opens new window) website (schools participating).

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