Testing Policy for Surgical Technology

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A student wishing to apply for college admission and declare Surgical Technology as his/her program of study must complete the 28 credits (- 1 year plan) of pre-requisite courses as well as meet testing score minimums and comply with the following testing guidelines:

Test Placement Scores – Next Gen Final(PDF)

If a student does not score the above, they are allowed to sit for retesting only once. If they are still not able to meet the minimum score(s), they must enroll and successfully complete the remediation class in that subject matter until is complete and they are eligible to enter the required level course (see curriculum and test placement score sheet)

  • Provide a certified copy of their birth certificate and up to date immunization records to ADMISSIONS. Retain a copy for future program submission and personal records.
  • Student should review and be able to meet ALL requirements for admission into the program including having the ability to perform all skill requirements necessary to successfully progress and complete the program in order to be considered for gainful employment as a Surgical Technology. Please see CLINICAL APPLICATION and the STUDENT HANDBOOK for complete lists of the requirements prior to beginning the Surgical Technology Application Process. For any questions regarding if you meet the requirements, please schedule an appointment with the program faculty for career advising.