Admission Requirements and Enrollment Selection

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Only one application can be processed per term. If you have submitted an application for admissions and would like to change your major you must submit a “Change of Major Request” Form. Please visit the Registrar’s Office for a Change of Major Request Form.

Official transcripts from all colleges and/or universities attended must be sent to the Office of the Registrar at SOWELA Technical Community College.

Applicants must meet the minimum entrance requirements to SOWELA Technical Community College prior to being considered for the ASN program. This includes minimum ACT scores or equivalency exam scores. Please visit SOWELA College Catalog for further explanation of entrance requirements.

Admission to Clinical Nursing Courses at SOWELA Technical Community College

ASN Program

Admission to SOWELA Technical Community College does not guarantee enrollment into nursing clinical courses. Selection for enrollment in nursing courses is based on a competitive basis for available spaces. Applicants must meet the minimum criteria to be considered for selection for enrollment in clinical nursing courses.

  • Admission to the College and submission of all official transcripts to the Office of the Registrar
  • All transfer/change of major/re-entry students must be enrolled and taking classes at SOWELA Technical Community College during the semester of application for inclusion in the applicant pool for consideration for enrollment in Nursing 1100/1110.
  • If enrollment in nursing courses is interrupted for a period of three years, the student must repeat all required courses titled ‘Nursing’.
  • A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of a 2.0 or higher
  • A minimum grade of ‘C’ in all required biology, mathematics, and nursing courses
  • Completion of prerequisite general academic courses toward the degree (all courses listed in the first semester of the curriculum pattern).
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.8 in all courses required for the degree. Grades earned in any required course completed at the time of the application will be calculated in the GPA.
  • A student will be permitted to repeat only one required non-nursing or nursing course. A student who fails or withdraws (receives a grade of ‘D’, ‘F’ or ‘W’) again in that course or from a second required course will no longer be permitted to apply to the ASN program at SOWELA Technical Community College School of Nursing and Allied Health.
  • Completion of the required entrance exam for nursing and achieving at least the minimum score required. (Test of Essential Academic Skills [TEAS VII test] is required with a minimum score of 64 %.) Further information and resources concerning the TEAS test may be found at (opens a new window). Only SOWELA students will be allowed to take the TEAS at SOWELA.
  • Completion of an application to enroll in clinical courses with attached required materials
    • The clinical application packet may be picked up in the Nursing Faculty Suite or by requesting a copy from Support Coordinator, Kim Mitchell, at
    • Packets will be available in February and due in April for fall enrollment
  • Students who transfer to the School of Nursing and Allied Health at SOWELA from another institution are also subject to the rules listed above. Failure in nursing courses taken at another institution will be treated in the same way as failures in required nursing courses and non-nursing courses at SOWELA.
  • An application to enroll in clinical courses is valid for one semester only
  • Incomplete applications to enroll in clinical courses will not be reviewed for selection
  • No application to enroll in clinical courses will be accepted after the deadline.

ASN Clinical Nursing Courses Application Checklist

Student Responsibilities

Understand that any crimes whether expunged or dismissed must be reported to the Louisiana State Board of Nursing and may result in the delay of approval to begin nursing clinical courses. Legal documents along with a typed explanation of the incident must be provided to LSBN with the application to the Board.

Understand all policies and procedures for ASN admission and review the ASN Student Handbook. These are available on the Nursing (RN) program page.

The application process must be completed, and students accepted into the program prior to beginning any clinical nursing course. This application MUST be completed in full by the deadline or student will be considered ineligible.

Decisions for acceptance will not be made until final grades are posted for the semester. This means the middle of May in most circumstances.

Checklist and Required Documentation

  • Keep pages in order.
  • Apply to SOWELA Technical Community College (you must be a student at SOWELA and attending classes before applying to the clinical courses).
  • Cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher.
  • Minimum grade of “C” in all required biology, mathematics, and nursing courses. Students completing pre-requisite/co-requisite courses for the ASN program at SOWELA or transferring from another institution can only have repeated 1 course in which a “W”, “D” or “F” was earned. Credit for nursing courses from another institution will not be considered for transfer at this time.
  • Completion of pre-requisite general academic courses (at least the first semester as shown on the curriculum).
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.8 in ALL non-nursing courses required for the degree. All non-nursing courses shown in the ASN curriculum will be calculated into this GPA if taken prior to application for admission.
  • Completion of the TEAS VII test with a score of 64%. This is a nationally ranked score and not necessarily on a 100-point scale. Available dates to take the test are posted on the website by the Testing Center at this location. If you have not taken the TEAS TEST at SOWELA; you must contact (opens new window) and have results emailed to SOWELA ASN Program.
  • Current CPR card (must be American Heart Association BLS Provider. Attach copy of card to application). Other certifications will NOT be accepted.
  • Immunization record with current Tdap (must be current, within 10 years, include copy of Immunization record).
  • Proof of Hepatitis B status (vaccinations [3] or proof of immunity (titer), include copy of Immunization record or titer). The vaccinations must have been given within the correct time frame or you must have a titer drawn.
  • Proof of MMR- two (2) injections or Rubella and rubeola titers showing immunity. If you have not had 2 vaccinations, you MUST get a titer drawn.
  • Proof of two (2) Varicella vaccinations or varicella titer showing immunity. Even if you have had the chicken pox; you must get a titer drawn if you do not have proof of 2 vaccinations.
  • Proof of two (2) meningococcal vaccinations (or signed waiver, located in the application).
  • Proof of COVID 19 vaccination (or signed waiver, located in the application).
  • Copy of negative PPD skin test or Chest X-ray result (must be within last year and be the official copy from Healthcare provider). If you have not had a skin test in the past year, you must have 2 PPD tests or QuantiFERON®-TB Gold blood test (QFT-G). This is a CDC Guideline.
  • Signed Health Status Forms (health history and physical exam included in the application must have been completed no sooner than September).
  • Copy of health insurance card.
  • Attach a passport photo with your name printed on the back of the photo to this application.
  • Keep a copy of all documents for your records. (Make copies prior to turning in application).

Selection for Enrollment in Nursing Courses

ASN Program

Faculty will review each clinical application packet and selection will be made based on students’ rank:

  • TEAS exam – 50%
  • GPA – 35%
  • Curriculum
    • SOWELA student – 15% of a point (all curriculum courses taken at SOWELA)
    • Transfer student – 7.5% of a point
  • TOTAL Possible =100%
  • Additional points will be awarded if the student holds a degree/diploma/certificate:
    • Master +5
    • Bachelor +4
    • Associate +3
    • Diploma +2
    • Certificate +1

Faculty decisions for admission to the ASN program are final. Appeals will not be considered.