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Students currently enrolled in adult education programs who wish to begin work on their postsecondary education prior to obtaining a high school diploma (or equivalency), but are unable to pass an approved Ability-to-Benefit (ATB) test must bear the financial burden of paying for 6 credit hours (or 225 clock hours).

A scholarship to cover the tuition and non-course-specific fees for 6 credit hours of non-remedial coursework.

The ATB provisions allow students without a high school diploma (or equivalency) to gain access to Title IV funding if they are enrolled in an eligible career pathway program and can complete the following:

  • Pass an independently administered Department of Education approved (ATB) test; or
  • Complete at least 6 credit hours (or 225 clock hours) that are applicable toward a degree (i.e., remedial coursework credit will not count) or certificate offered by a Title IV institution.

Ensuring that students working toward the HiSET can seamlessly transition from secondary to postsecondary work. However, this effort is currently hampered by the fact that individuals without a high school diploma (or equivalency) are ineligible for federal financial aid, unless through ATB provisions. This initiative will provide scholarships to students enrolled in adult education programs who are eligible to earn college credit in a WRU pathway. The presence of WorkReady U on college campuses throughout Louisiana allows for the seamless transition between adult basic education and postsecondary education. The funds will be used to cover the tuition and mandatory fees associated with 6 credit hours that are applicable toward a degree that will lead to a high-demand, high-wage occupation.

To be eligible to receive the aid, students must:

  • Be enrolled in an adult education program (Literacy Council)
  • Apply with the Literacy Council by calling (337) 494-7000 or visiting the office on Kirby Street in Lake Charles, LA. Application should include the program of study.
  • Once selected as a WRU student based upon eligible placement scores, please complete the concurrent enrollment form (opens new window).

Interested students must qualify with the Literacy Council by the following deadlines:

Southwest Louisiana Literacy Council
Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 Enrollment Calendar
Session Registration/
Start Date
End Date
Session 1 Early Registration
July 23 – 25
Regular Registration
July 30 – August 1
Late Registration
August 6 – 8
August 9 August 14 September 14
Session 2 September 17 – 19 September 20 September 24 October 26
Session 3 October 29 – 30 November 1 November 5 December 18
Session 4 Early Registration
December 17 – 19
Late Registration
January 7 – 9
January 10 January 14 February 14
Session 5 February 18 – 20 February 21 February 25 April 5
Session 6 April 8 – 9 April 11 April 23 May 23
Session 7 May 27 – 28 May 30 June 3 June 27
Session 8 June 25 – 26 June 27 July 9 July 25

Begin the application process with the Literacy Council. Once qualified, the Literacy Council will provide SOWELA with a program of study and a list of desired classes. SOWELA will create a course schedule for the student.

For questions or more information, please email 5forsix@sowela.edu.