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Are you looking to start a career in a high-demand, high-wage job? At SOWELA, we offer a number of academic programs that prepare you for entry-level positions in the area's petrochemical industry. These jobs typically require a specific skill set that can be learned and developed at the College with the help of credentialed and experienced faculty.

Programs Leading to a High-Paying Career in an Industrial Plant

Chemical Laboratory Technology
An associate degree program designed to prepare students for immediate employment in a petrochemical laboratory environment as a chemical laboratory technician. In this role, individuals conduct tests on a variety of chemicals, materials, and products in an industrial plant where results are documented and analyzed. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy science and prefer to work with their hands in a lab environment.

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Industrial Instrumentation Technology
This program prepares individuals to install, maintain, troubleshoot, calibrate, and repair various types of measuring instruments and control systems. Students also learn peripherals, such as measuring, transmitting, recording data, optical instruments, various types of control schema, and much more. This is a two-year associate degree program.

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Industrial Electrician
Students in the Industrial Electrician program learn to interpret schematics, troubleshoot, calibrate, and repair industrial grade electrical equipment and other electrical devices used in an industrial environment. Areas of study include applicable codes and standards, blueprint reading, and wiring diagram interpretations that are appropriate to the area and electrical theory. This 48 credit hour program leads to a Technical Diploma.

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Process Technology
The purpose of this associate degree program is to provide classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience to prepare students for employment in a variety of jobs in the petrochemical field. Students learn to monitor, operate, troubleshoot, and maintain industrial equipment used in processing raw materials into marketable products used worldwide. Environmental and industrial safety are also emphasized throughout the program.

A 16-week fast-track AAS Process Technology program is available for individuals who already have an associate's degree or higher and are looking to transition into this field.

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All students receive training in state-of-the-art processing and instrument control labs with hands-on training (HOT) units designed to mimic the industrial plant environment. These programs are part of the SOWELA Center of Workforce Excellence in Industrial and Process Technology, which has expanded as part of the new Regional Training Center. It is the only comprehensive petrochemical industry services training center of its kind in the Southwest Louisiana region.

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