Why Choose SOWELA?

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Not everyone has their future figured out when they graduate high school. Many of us didn’t either.

At SOWELA Technical Community College, we have a place just for you. A place to start while you choose your major, your career goals, and what you want to achieve in life. Best of all, you can start your higher education with lower tuition here.

Why choose us?
We give you options. You can

  • Earn an Associate Degree in two years to start your career.
  • Take General Education Courses at a Lower Cost – complete general education requirements for an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree here and then transfer to a four-year Louisiana public university.
  • Get certified in as little as eight weeks to launch your career in a high-demand field.

SOWELA offers many wonderful and exciting things that help make us one of the fastest growing community colleges in the state. Below are just a few things that you might find interesting about SOWELA.

10. Hands-on training. SOWELA has industry-current equipment and labs.

9. Experienced Faculty & Staff.

8. Education that is accessible to everyone. SOWELA is an open admissions community college.

7. Tutoring and counseling services available.

6. Diverse group of students from high-school aged to returning adult students.

5. Campus & Community Student Engagement Opportunities. Students can enhance their leadership and life skills through involvement with student organizations, internships, career exploration, community service and experiential learning opportunities.

4. Extensive program offerings. Our programs are designed to prepare students for employment in today’s hot careers.

3. Small classroom size where you feel comfortable asking questions, and where you will receive the answers that can make you successful.

2. You can save money by taking courses here first, and then transferring those courses to the college or university of your choice.

AND…the Number One Reason Students Choose SOWELA…

1. You get the best of everything at SOWELA! You can attend a cutting-edge school that offers the latest industry-based technology, extensive student services and opportunities, small class sizes, and all for half the price of most four year public colleges.

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Questions? Talk with an Enrollment Specialist.
If you’re wondering how you’ll pay for college or what program is right for you, call (337) 421-6550 to speak with an Enrollment Specialist. View the Academic Calendar for semester start and other important dates for the current semester.