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The ACCUPLACER is an untimed, computer-adaptive college placement examination given in the subjects of Reading, English, and Mathematics. Students with nonexistent or unsatisfactory college placement test scores in English (ACT < 18), Reading (ACT < 19), and Mathematics (ACT < 19) may bypass developmental courses by achieving satisfactory ACCUPLACER test scores: English > 250, Reading > 256, and Mathematics (Advanced Algebra and Functions) > 225. Any student who has not taken the national ACT and/or SAT within the last three years or has prior credit in a college level English or math courses will need to take the ACCUPLACER assessment.

A student should consider the following general reasons when determining whether he or she needs to take the ACCUPLACER:

  • No ACT or SAT scores on file
  • Outdated test scores (past three years)
  • Unsatisfactory test scores (required for admissions into certain programs or student wants to try and bypass transitional courses)

Please contact the Office of Admissions with specific inquires on whether or not the ACCUPLACER Test is needed.

Preparing for the Exam

The links below provide access to sample/practice questions in preparation of taking the ACCUPLACER test.

Testing Day Procedure

  1. Arrive at the Testing Center at least 15 minutes prior to appointment.
  2. Retrieve Parking Pass.
  3. Present Photo ID (School or State) for admission into Testing Center.
  4. Sign-in.

Taking the Exam

  1. The test is not timed.
  2. The approximate test length is one hour per section. Therefore if you are taking all three sections (Reading, English, Math), please prepare for at least three hours of testing time.

NOTE: Although we do not prohibit the entry of items such as purses and cell phones into the Testing Center while taking the ACCUPLACER test, non-medical devices must be turned off or silenced prior to entering the testing room. If an alarming device sounds while you are in the Testing Center, this will result in the canceling of your test scores and the forfeiture of your testing fee.

Scoring Reports

  • Score reports are generated immediately after testing.
  • Upon test completion, the examinee will speak with a Student Success Coordinator.


Admission requirements may differ depending on the Academic program. Please refer to the admissions requirements for the department of which you plan to enroll for their admission guidelines: Programs of Study.

Testing Times


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