Tuition Appeals

Tuition Appeals are for students who are requesting a refund, credit, or balance waiver of their registration charges due to extenuating circumstances that occurred during a given term. In some instances, students may use a Tuition Appeal for a request to be withdrawn from a course past the designated withdrawal period.

The Tuition Appeals Committee will consider requests for adjustments to tuition charges when a student can document extenuating circumstances such as: (Please review the Tuition Appeal Guidelines (PDF).)

  • Student illness during the semester
  • Illness of immediate family member during the semester (parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent)
  • Death of immediate family member during the semester (parent, child, spouse, sibling or grandparent)
  • Military deployment
  • Change in employment schedule beyond student's control
  • Verifiable error of SOWELA
  • Other: Provide a detailed explanation of the situation and include all relevant documentation.
In all cases, the situation must have interrupted your ability to:
  • Adhere to the standard drop procedure
  • Attend class(es) for a substantial length of time
  • Complete the semester
Examples of reasons not accepted are:
  • Appealing for non-refundable registration fees
  • Voluntary employment change
  • Class assignments not met (see Department Chair)*
  • Issues between the student and the instructor
  • Instructor says they will take care of it. Student is responsible for changes to his/her schedule
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Unaware of drop schedule
  • Non attendance
  • Did not like the course for which you registered
  • Incorrect course advising recommendations provided by "other” college

Appeals must be received within one year from the end of the term in which the course was offered. Appeals older than one year that do not have supporting documentation showing an inability to attend will be denied.

* Please note: If your circumstance is due to an issue with the instructor, curriculum, or class instruction methods, visit with your instructor, Department Chair or the appropriate Academic Dean over your circumstance before attempting this process. Grade assignments and other academic issues are not within the scope of these procedures and are addressed in the College Catalog.

Students should be aware that if a Tuition Appeal is submitted and they are a Financial Aid recipient, their Financial Aid may be impacted. They may potentially owe SOWELA money. It is strongly suggested you meet with a Financial Aid representative before you file a Tuition Appeal.

The committee meets once a month or on an as-needed basis. Once the Tuition Appeal Committee has reached a decision, the student will be notified via email within two weeks of the meeting date stating the decision and action to be taken next by the College or the student. Decisions will not be given over the phone.

Tuition Refund/Waiver Appeals Process

  1. Review the Tuition Appeal Guidelines (PDF).
  2. Complete the Tuition Appeal Form.
  3. Compose and attach a typed appeal letter explaining your situation, be specific, give details, state your case clearly.
  4. Attach the necessary documentation to support your claim.
  5. NOTE: Incomplete appeals will be returned or denied.

Submit all the above mentioned documents to:

SOWELA Technical Community College

Tuition Appeals Committee

3820 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue

Lake Charles, LA 70615

(337) 421-6565 or (800) 256-0483

One Stop Enrollment Center


3820 Senator J. Bennett Johnston Avenue
Lake Charles, Louisiana 70615
(337) 421-6565
(800) 256-0483

Mon-Thu: 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM
Friday: 7:45 AM to 12:00 PM
(337) 421-6550

SOWELA Technical Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person(s) have been designated to handle inquiries regarding non-discrimination policies:

Title IX Officer

Candy Parker

(337) 421-6510 or (800) 256-0483

3820 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave. Lake Charles, LA 70615

ADA Officer

Maegan Lewis

(337) 421-6952 or (800) 256-0483

3850 Sen. J. Bennett Johnston Ave. Lake Charles, LA 70615

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