Withdrawals/Drops from Classes

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During the initial two weeks of classes for the Fall and Spring semesters and the initial six instructional days for the summer and 1st and 2nd 7-week semesters, a student can drop courses online at the SOWELA website. Dropped courses are removed from the student’s academic schedule for that semester and will not appear on the student’s transcript. Refunds for dropped courses are based on the school’s current refund policy; refer to the Academic Calendar for dates and refund percentages. Students can withdraw from a course before the deadline published in the Academic Calendar for that semester after the refund period has ended. However, courses that are shorter than the full semester will have different deadlines. Students in these courses will need to check with the instructor or the Registrar’s office for the withdrawal deadline. Successful withdrawal from a class results in a letter grade of “W” for that course, which is the grade that appears on the student’s transcript. Students who do not attend a class during the first fourteen (14) days of the semester may be dropped or withdrawn from the course. Failure to properly drop or withdraw may result in a grade of “F” being assigned for the semester. If a student who is dropping a class or classes or who is withdrawing from the college is receiving any type of financial aid, he/she must notify the Office of Financial Aid, the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Office, and/or any other source of funding. Failure to do so may jeopardize any future financial aid and may result in the student owing a repayment of funds.