Admissions FAQ

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Where can I find registration date information?
When do I get my LoLA access?
  • You should receive your LoLA credentials within 24 hours of being admitted to SOWELA.
How do I register for classes?
Where is the Admissions and Registrar Offices located?
  • These offices are located in the Sycamore Student Building.
How do I find my class?
  • The location of your class will be indicated on your schedule. You may print your schedule from LoLA. In addition, there is ample signage on buildings. Faculty, staff, and student mentors will be located across campus to help with directions during the first week of class.
Where do I park?
  • Student parking is located on the northern end of the main campus in front of the Sycamore Student Center (#7 on the Campus Map). There are also student parking areas by the Magnolia (formerly Computer), Phillips 66 Process Technology, and Transportation Technology buildings.
  • There are two entrances to the main campus.
    • Magnolia (formerly Computer) Building Entrance
    • Merganser Street Entrance
  • The entrance to the Phillips 66 Process Technology building and the Transportation Technology building is off Merganser Street. Look for signage before parking. Do not park in areas designated for Faculty and Staff.
What do I do the first day of class?
If you have never attended class on campus before:

  1. Determine your first day and class time (plan to be a half hour early to find your way)
  2. Find the building listed on your schedule
  3. Find the room number on your schedule
  4. Locate buildings in this manner: (Campus Map)
  • RACHAR (Administration/Charleston Building)
  • RAAH (Arts & Humanities Building)
  • RAGRST (Aviation Classroom/Gerstner Building)
  • RACHEN (Aviation Hanger/Chennault)
  • RAMAGN (Computer/Magnolia Building)
  • RACALC (Electro-Mechanical/Calcasieu Building)
  • RAPELI (Metals/Pelican Building}
  • RACYPR (Mechanical/Cypress Building)
  • RANAAH (Nursing & Allied Health/H.C. Drew)
  • RAOFST/RCOFST (Off Site)
  • RAPTEC (Process Technology/Phillips 66 Building)
  • RATRAN (Transportation Technology Building)
  • RASSSC (Sycamore Student Center)
  • RASRTC (Regional Training Center)
  • RACGHC (Culinary Gaming Hospitality Center)
  • RCMSC (Jennings, LA)
  • RSTCC (SOWELA Online Course)
  • RLCTCS (LCTCS Online Course)

All buildings are located on Sen. J Bennett Johnston Ave. unless otherwise noted.