Title IX Information

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Power-Based Violence and Sexual Misconduct

In accordance with LCTCS Policy 9.001 Power-Based Violence/Sexual Misconduct (PDF) and LCTCS Policy 9.002 Title IX Grievance Procedures (PDF), SOWELA Technical Community College is committed to creating and maintaining an environment in which sexual violence against men and women is not tolerated. Intervening in such instances helps to foster a safe environment for all, while sending a message that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and is unacceptable in our community. SOWELA is a college community where respect, consent, and responsibility are valued. Each one of us are responsible for ensuring that no one has to endure sexual violence of any sort. Please see the LCTCS Title IX webpage (opens new window) for additional information.

SOWELA has established processes for addressing allegations of Power-Based Violence and Sexual Misconduct, in accordance with LCTCS Policy 9.001 and 9.002, as per the following College policy and procedures:

This policy applies to all students, employees, vendors, and all other individuals conducting business with SOWELA, without regard to sexual orientation, gender identify, and/or gender expression.

A complaint can be filed by submitting a Title IX Formal Complaint Form (opens new window) or contacting a Title IX Coordinator.

Power-Based Violence Process Flow Chart (PDF)

Title IX Contacts – Coordinators

Candy Parker
Title IX Coordinator – Employees
Director of Human Resources
(337) 421-6914
Charleston Building, Room 157

Maegan Lewis
Title IX Coordinator – Student
Interim Director of Student Services
(337) 421-6975
Student Success Center, Magnolia Building, Room 119

Title IX Contacts – Confidential Advisors

Chase Walling
Title IX – Confidential Advisor
Student Services Mental Health Counselor
(337) 421-6971
Counseling Suite, Magnolia Building, Room 106A

Jeremy Ryder
Title IX – Confidential Advisor
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
(337) 421-6983
Magnolia Building, Room 125

Supportive Measures

Power-Based Violence Reports

Additional Reports and Statistics