Strategic Plan

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Strategic Priority I – Academic Excellence and Student Success

Goal 1-A – Foster academic excellence through innovation, delivery, and quality assurance.

  1. Expand the use of Instructional Technology.
  2. Assess and apply evaluation data to inform our decisions.
    1. Establish and conduct a comprehensive program review process for academic and workforce programs, and administrative and educational support services.
  3. Expand experiential learning opportunities (Internships/Externships/Apprenticeships/Simulation).
  4. Promote/Support student achievement of institutional and programmatic learning outcomes.
  5. Empower students to pursue additional education through transfer initiatives or move directly into the workforce.
  6. Foster and implement a comprehensive model of positive teaching and learning.

Goal 1-B – Promote Student Success.

  1. Promote student participation in experiential learning, campus & community engagement, student organizations, leadership development and career exploration.
  2. Implement an institutional academic advising model that utilizes best practices to promote student success.
  3. Facilitate a comprehensive assessment of student services and enrollment management practices to minimize barriers and enhance access and support for all students.
  4. Design and implement new retention strategies.
  5. Develop a student-centered strategic recruitment and enrollment management plans focused on communication and customer service.
  6. Develop and provide opportunities to enhance the health and well-being of the campus community.

Goal 1-C – Nurture an environment of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

  1. Foster an equitable environment in which all employees and students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives feel safe, welcome, and supported.
  2. Expand educational opportunities that ensure students and employees have the knowledge and skills necessary for living and working effectively as members of a diverse, global society.
  3. Expand and support events and activities which celebrate diversity and develop an awareness of inclusion, respect, and civility.
  4. Develop and implement additional strategies to support retention and success of underrepresented students.
  5. Engage students, employees, and community members in ways that respect human dignity and lead to equitable, inclusive experiences.

Strategic Priority II – Community Engagement and Outreach

Goal 2-A – Grow and sustain academic, industry, and broad-based community partnerships.

  1. Initiate, lead, and sustain mission-driven partnerships and collaborations within our region.
  2. Promote SOWELA’s value and impact in Southwest Louisiana.
  3. Promote economic development through initiatives that enhance quality of life.
  4. Develop new programs to encourage and foster life-long learning within the region.

Goal 2-B – Increase the awareness of the brand, image, and presence of the college.

  1. Expand the College presence through print, online, social media, networking, and other platforms.
  2. Promote the College programs and services through marketing and branding.
  3. Provide infrastructure and platforms that support college initiatives.

Strategic Priority III – Institutional Accountability and Effectiveness

Goal 3-A – Foster operational excellence.

  1. Promote operational excellence through implementation of innovative best practices.
  2. Formalize the process for maintaining institutional archival information.
  3. Utilize institutional outcomes assessment information to gauge and inform mission fulfillment.

Goal 3-B – Enhance employee experience.

  1. Ensure salary and compensation benefit packages remain an institutional priority to attract, reward, and retain the highest quality employees.
  2. Expand the availability of high quality professional development opportunities for our employees.
  3. Develop employee engagement and communication plan that solicits feedback, measures employee engagement, and promotes shared governance.
  4. Implement policies and practices that promote employee well-being.

Goal 3-C – Enhance infrastructure and maintain a secure environment.

  1. Enhance the physical appearance of the instructional sites.
  2. Promote a safe environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors.
  3. Enhance the technological infrastructure of the instructional sites.

Goal 3-D – Strengthen institutional effectiveness through continuous documented performance measurement.

  1. Promote a culture of comprehensive institutional planning that systematically cultivates continuous improvement throughout the college.
  2. Expand processes that enhance organizational learning and student success.
  3. Encourage and support data informed decisions across the college.
  4. Ensure the quality and integrity of institutional data for analysis, planning, decision making, policy making, reporting, and other purposes.