Scope of Activities

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The functions of the office are centered and organized around five primary/distinct clusters of activities:

Information Clearinghouse – Ensure fulfillment of institutional mission and strengthen higher education opportunities, programs and services by the provision of accurate and timely information, dissemination of applicable and supporting information to internal and external interest groups, governmental agencies and legislative bodies, and educational institutions and organizations.

  • Common Data Set
  • Institutional Facts
  • Data Gathering
  • Information Development
  • Information Dissemination
  • Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

Institutional Effectiveness Clearinghouse– Improve institutional effectiveness by facilitating, developing, coordinating and supporting a systematic program of institutional assessment, evaluation and reflection, reporting of findings, incorporating findings into planning and accreditation processes.

  • Quality Control
  • Academic Program Review
    • Self-study
    • External Peer Review
  • Administrative and Educational Support Review
    • Process Review
  • Self-study
    • External Peer Review
  • Accreditation
  • Licensing
  • Performance Assessment, Institutional Accountability, and Effectiveness Evaluation

Planning and Policy Analysis/Formation Clearinghouse– Facilitate articulation of institutional mission and promote its fulfillment by fostering and coordinating a broad-based comprehensive program of institutional planning and coordinating a systematic review and analysis of institutional policies that leads to recommendations in support of institutional decision making; and to ensure accuracy, currency, consistency, and compliance with applicable rules and regulations and state and federal statutes;

  • Long-range
  • Strategic
  • Tactical
  • Operational

Research and Enrollment Trend Information Clearinghouse – Lead enhancement of, and conducting of social science research about students, faculty, staff, programs, services, and operations of the College to support regular and on-going institutional reflection and self-examination.

  • Survey Research
    • Focus Group
  • Interviewing
  • Database Repository
    • Records
  • Institutional Research
    • Policy Analysis
  • Enrollment Analysis
    • Persistence Rates
    • Retention Rates
    • Graduation Rates

Management of Office Resources – Maximize efficiency and efficacy of institutional planning and evaluation processes to enhance responsible stewardship in the utilization and application of allocated resources.