Performance Outcomes

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  • Provision of research-based data collection and information about SOWELA to effectively achieve the goals of the Institution.
  • Understanding and compliance with federal and state requirements for data and information.
  • Provision of a system of services that effectively meets the reporting needs of internal and external constituents, customers, and patrons.
  • Production of research and policy analyses in support of institutional decision-making needs at the unit/program, division, and college-levels.
  • Provision of relevant, timely, and accurate data and institutional information to internal and external stakeholders and agencies.
  • Management and resolution of conflicts, building consensus and collaborative relationships with other institutional departments to develop a customer-centered support processes.
  • Leadership in the development and maintenance of accessible data and information, including the creation and maintenance of an interactive, online fact book to provide the ability to generate basic reports on demand.
  • Assistance in identifying and understanding emerging internal/external issues and significant environmental changes.
  • Administration and analysis of internally developed and nationally-normed assessments and surveys.
  • Preparation of written and oral presentations of research findings appropriate to the intended audience.
  • Development, management, and evaluation of strategic research plan and annual update consistent with the mission of the Office of Planning and Analysis to support the College goals.
  • Consultation and collaboration with the Institutional Effectiveness Committee, the Office of Academic Affairs, and other stakeholders in the development of departmental goals as related to research, planning, program reviews, and institutional effectiveness.
  • Efficient and effective management of department’s human, material, and fiscal resources.
  • Development of a successful and high-achieving Office of Planning & Analysis staff that is adept at learning through inquiry and targeted professional development efforts.