Areas of Emphasis

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Institutional Planning: Assist in facilitating the articulation of the institutional mission and promote its fulfillment by fostering and coordinating a broad-based, comprehensive program of institutional planning. (foster and coordinate a broad-based, comprehensive program of institutional planning to facilitate articulation of institutional mission and promoting its fulfillment).

Planning Information, Policy Planning and Analysis: Coordinate a systematic review and analysis of institutional policies to ensure its accuracy, currency, consistency, and compliance with applicable state and federal statutes, and related rules and regulations.

Institutional Assessment and Evaluation: Work with all institutional constituencies, and beyond, to improve institutional performance, accountability, and effectiveness by coordinating and supporting a systematic program of institutional assessment and evaluation and incorporating findings to inform reporting and accreditation.

Institutional Research and Enrollment Planning and Management Information: Lead and promote the enhancement of institutional data integrity and repository for research, planning, and evaluation of research activities and strategic enrollment planning and management activities to increase institutional awareness by accumulating, generating, maintaining, and disseminating accurate, sufficient, and accessible institutional intelligence through measured data analysis.

Governmental Relations and External Communications: Work with administrators and applicable external audiences to ensure the fulfillment of institutional mission and to strengthen higher education opportunities, programs, and services for our students, faculty, and staff by communicating institutional plans and priorities, and applicable supporting information to internal and external audiences.

Division or Unit Management: Maximize the efficiency and efficacy of the institutional planning and evaluation processes to ensure responsible stewardship and effective application of allocated and limited resources.

Other Duties Assigned: Ensure that other related tasks and activities are handled with the utmost dispatch.

In performing the above functions, the Office of Planning and Analysis supports and fulfills the mission of the Institution and becomes a partner in advancing and meeting the goals and priorities of the Institution by:

  1. Promoting, coordinating, and integrating strategic planning and evaluation efforts into resource allocation at different levels of the Institution.
  2. Articulating and communicating institutional plans within and beyond the Institution.
  3. Conducting, coordinating, and incorporating the results of institutional assessment and evaluation into the planning process.
  4. Assisting in institutional and programmatic accreditation and licensing and reporting.
  5. Accumulating, generating, maintaining, analyzing, and disseminating relevant institutional intelligence to provide institutional flexibility and agility in making informed decisions.
  6. Reviewing and analyzing institutional policies for currency and consistency and maintaining the official institutional information, policy, and procedures.
  7. Fostering and promoting a service-oriented customer services attitude and ensuring the assessment of customer satisfaction with institutional programs, services, and operations.
  8. Coordinating the linkage between institutional planning, assessment/evaluation and resource acquisition, budgeting, and allocation; and strategic development and implementation.
  9. Seeking, acquiring, and managing adequate and appropriate resources and technologies to fulfill the responsibilities of the planning and analysis unit.

Based on the foregoing, the concise mission of the office will basically state that the office exists to enhance institutional performance and effectiveness through student-centered and quality-driven approaches to official duties by generating information that informs policy and decision-making.

The office will accomplish the requirements of this mission by:

  1. Generating and providing information that support policy formation, planning, assessment and evaluation, and informed decisions.
  2. Collecting, editing, preserving, analyzing, and interpreting relevant information and disseminating such information in an accurate, timely, and accessible manner.
  3. Designing, developing, and producing routine and ad-hoc reports that informs daily operational decisions and routine mandated and compliance reporting.
  4. Developing and maintaining an integrated database of information that incorporates institutional historic data from multiple sources in ways that inform and institutional priorities and strategic directions.

Above all, the Office of Planning and Analysis encourages broad participation of all institutional constituencies and applicable stakeholders to ensure that the Institution adheres to the Board of Regents, Board of Supervisors, and LCTCS Offices’ rules and regulations, institutional operating policies and procedures, and in compliance with internal/external mandates.