Departmental Information

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The Office of Planning and Analysis (OPA) for Strategic Effectiveness is made up of the following distinct functional operations/units:

  • Planning & Institutional Effectiveness;
  • Policy & Process Analysis and Redesign;
  • Assessment & Evaluation;
  • Survey Research & Studies;
  • Data Collection Institutional Research; and
  • Data Analysis & Reporting.

With the combination of these distinct functional service operations and units, the Office serves as the central repository and decision support for institutional planning, research, data analysis, reporting, effectiveness, regulatory and compliance arm of the College Central Administration.

Who we are: We are dedicated professionals who strive to deliver the highest quality Strategic and Organizational Effectiveness and Continuous Quality Improvement for the College through Innovative, Creative, and Best Practices for the development of deliberative institutional planning, analysis and effectiveness services, which values partnerships with our internal and external constituents in delivering on our promise.


Dr. Fitzpatrick U. Anyanwu, Executive Director of Planning & Analysis for Strategic Effectiveness
Summary Responsibilities: Chief Planning, Research, Effectiveness, Innovation and Creativity Officer for Strategic Effectiveness

Dr. Jamir Chowdhury, Senior IR Associate for Analytics and Data Integrity
Summary Responsibilities: Lead Officer for Research, Analytics, and Data Integrity

Vacant, Institutional Research & Data Collections Officer
Summary Responsibilities: Lead Institutional Researcher & Data Collections Officer

Mr. Leonard Munghor, Educational Research & Data Programmer/Analyst
Summary Responsibilities: Lead Survey Research & Studies Officer

Ms. Laura M. Wilkins, Data & Reporting Coordinator for Institutional Research
Summary Responsibilities: Lead Data Reporting Officer

Vacant, Administrative Assistant (1/2 Time)
Summary Responsibilities: Staff Associate/Institutional Research & Data Collections Assistant