About HR

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Our Organizational Mission

The mission of the Office of Human Capital Resources & Payroll at SOWELA is to assist, support, and provide professional employment services, from recruitment to onboarding, to the College meeting the needs of its current and prospective employees, with the varied focus of recruiting, selecting, developing, and retaining top talent for the College thereby ensuring an efficient and effective workforce capable of meeting its strategic manpower goals through its people. The Office accomplishes this mission by a) disseminating information relative to College policies and procedures, b) improving employee performance through systematic use of performance standards and evaluations, and c) fostering a work ethic that displays respect, cooperation, fairness, and a commitment to seizing opportunities for organizational excellence through innovation, creativity, and continuous measured quality improvement.

Our Organizational Duties

  • Handle internal and external hiring
  • Assist the College constituents with the College personnel policies and procedures
  • Coordinate all employee background check and drug and alcohol testing
  • Support payments and payroll deductions
  • Maintain employee personnel files and records
  • Provide and process insurance benefits to employees
  • Conduct job verifications
  • Maintain grievances and work-related incidents.

Our Organizational Vision

Helping change lives for the better by providing the premier Human Capital Resources and Payroll programs in the Louisiana Community and Technical College System.

Our Organizational Values

Integrity: We are dedicated to act in a manner that merits the trust of our clients, stakeholders, and fellow employees by: a) basing our behavior on ethical principles on integrity and b) promoting employee well being.

Respect: We believe in investing in teamwork to accomplish our mission where every individual has worth and potential and is deserving of being treated with dignity by: a) valuing each other, b) respecting different views, opinions, and experiences, and c) honoring individual and group differences.

Commitment: We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services and support to our clients by: a) valuing and acquiring knowledge for the development of our staff and b) making informed decisions for the benefit of our clientele.

Accountability: We measure our outcomes by seizing opportunities for organizational excellence through innovation, creativity, and continuous measured quality improvement and through: a) being accountable for our results, b) being responsible for the policies, standards, and decisions that frame our service to our clients, and c) learning from our experiences and celebrating our accomplishments.